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On November 12,2019, the city investment wood market organization held the second business meeting in 2019, and the meeting invited the Lasa City Forestry Bureau, the law enforcement brigade of the Daya District Forestry Bureau, the fire brigade of the Da

Tibet Huifeng Timber Management Co., Ltd., in conjunction with the Dazi District Public Security Fire Brigade, carried out fire fighting drill

In order to improve the fire safety awareness of all the staff and the majority of merchants, prevent all kinds of fires, ensure the stability and safety control during the "National Day" period, enhance the emergency response ability, self-protection abi

Tibet Huifeng Timber Management Co., Ltd. "four stresses and four Love" Mass Education practice Section III preaching

At 10:00 on September 10, 2019, the Party Branch of Huifeng Timber Management Co., Ltd., Tibet, organized and held the third section of "four stresses and four Love" in the activity Room of Party members: "always be a good citizen who contributes to lovin

Tibet Huifeng Timber Management Co., Ltd. has called together the project manager under construction and the team leader of migrant workers to carry out the investigation of hidden dangers of complaint letters and visits.

On August 21, 2019, deputy general manager of Tibet huifeng timber management co., ltd. tsering rob convened in the timber market conference room in order to actively implement the requirements and spirit of chairman Fang min of the group company regardin

Tibet Huifeng Timber Management Co., Ltd. organized the mass education and practice activities of "Four Stresses and Four Lovings". Lecture 3, Section 2

At 10 a.m. on August 27, 2019, the party branch of the CPC Tibet huifeng timber management co., ltd. organized the "four stresses and four loves" in the party member activity room, the third stress on contributing to love one's homeland, and the second st

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