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Lead Peak Group's Work Plan for Stability Inspection during the 2018
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In order to do a good job in the maintenance and stability inspection work during the "Sagadawa" Festival in 2018 and Musilinzhai during the month, we responded to the call of the head office to strengthen the maintenance and stability inspection and earnestly implement it to ensure that the maintenance and stability work is carried out smoothly and in an orderly manner during this period. Develop this work programme.

Object and scope of inspection

Group companies and subsidiaries under their jurisdiction.

Division of work of the temporary inspection team

Team leader: Each department of the group is headed by a deputy. Specifically: Yanghongbin, Zheng Tao, Huangjingjing, Tongyan, Wangqian, Zhangxiaoling, Zhang, Zhang, and Zhang.

Group members: The group is composed of department heads, deputy directors, and sponsors.

III. Methods of inspection

Each team is led by a team leader, and a staff member from each department is jointly formed as a temporary inspection team. Inspections are conducted on a rotating basis on an irregular, irregular and random basis.

Specific Inspection Contents

According to the "Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in the 2018" Sagadawa "Festival and Musilinzhai during the Month of Sagadawa" and the "Notice on Political Discipline during the" Chen Ming "Period" issued by the Supervision Office and the Discipline Inspection Office, Check the work situation of each subsidiary company, the situation of taking shift, the duty transfer ledger, the wall on the watch list, whether there is any emergency plan, the supervision work situation, the security and clothing situation, the use and parking of buses, and other aspects related to holiday discipline.

Inspection results

The inspection teams promptly submit the results of the inspection results to the group inspection and supervision office for a unified summary and finishing. In response to the outstanding problems found during the inspection process, depending on the seriousness of the circumstances, the inspection team will give criticism throughout the group.

The group company will carry out the supervision and inspection work in accordance with the principle of strictness, earnestly implement the requirements of the head office for this maintenance and stability work, and continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection efforts at the same time as Yanmingjilv.