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Lingfeng Group Discipline Inspection Office seriously plans the 2019 work
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On the occasion of the Spring Festival and the Tibetan New Year in 2019, the discipline inspection office of the Lingfeng Group, on the basis of a careful review and summary of the work carried out in 2018, earnestly implemented the work deployment and requirements of the Municipal Commission on Discipline Inspection and the General Discipline Commission on promoting the in-depth development of the Party in a comprehensive manner, and combined with the company's actual situation. We will continue to plan early and deploy early to clarify the key tasks for 2019.

First, we will improve the system and strengthen accountability. It focuses on assisting the company's party committees to implement their main responsibilities, consolidate their supervision responsibilities, and further improve the relevant work systems such as the department's work system, disciplinary review, and visitor reception. It also organizes and archives various archives of the department, clarifies the work mechanism, and normalizes the work flow. Strengthen internal management.

Second, we should do our best to improve our ability to work. In conjunction with the "two studies and one do" education activities, with the focus on learning to implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, each subsidiary company is required to specialize in(concurrently) disciplinary inspection staff. We will strengthen the study of inner-party supervision regulations and policy knowledge related to building a clean and honest Party conduct, and improve the Party's ability to cultivate Party spirit and work.

Third, strengthen the analysis, research and judgment, clear the focus of work. According to the unified deployment of the Party committees of the group companies, closely combined with the new situation and new tasks in the construction of a clean government and the fight against corruption, we carefully combed and analyzed the various functional departments and job risk points of the group and its subsidiaries, clearly defined the key tasks of supervision, and laid a solid foundation for good supervision in 2019.