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Strengthen the work of integrity and self-discipline during the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year in 2019
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As the Spring Festival and the Tibetan New Year approach in 2019, the Lingfeng Group will carry out the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress in depth, continue to consolidate and expand the achievements of the eight central regulations, and make unremitting efforts to correct the "four winds". We will further create a festive atmosphere of joy, peace, civilization, economy, and a clear atmosphere, and continue to strengthen the construction of the style of government and discipline.

After receiving the "Notice for Further Correcting the" Four Winds "to Strengthen the Style Construction during the New Year's Day, Spring Festival, and Tibetan New Year" issued by the company's disciplinary inspection, the group's discipline inspection office communicated it to all departments and subsidiaries of the group in a timely manner. In combination with the implementation of the eight central regulations and the implementation of the spirit of the rules put forward clear requirements, emphasizing the strict implementation of the integrity of the festival during the festival regulations, strictly prohibit the use of illegal purchase of expensive specialty products, electronic gift cards and other gifts; The illegal payment of allowances and benefits is strictly prohibited; It is strictly forbidden to eat and drink in the name of festivals and feast on each other; It is strictly prohibited to use official vehicles in violation of the law, and requires all subsidiaries of various departments to implement it seriously. If they find out, they will be severely punished.

During the festival, leading cadres of the Party members of the Lingfeng Group strengthened their responsibilities and placed the rectification of the "four winds" work as an important task during the "two sections" period. They not only took the lead in strictly implementing the eight central regulations and the spirit of implementing the rules. Through the pre-school education and learning and other methods to do a good job of the team, with a good team, to promote the majority of party members and cadres clean and honest holidays. During the festival, the Lingfeng Group did not appear to violate the eight central regulations and implementation rules.