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Peak Group Maintenance Duty Discipline Inspection
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Peak Group Maintenance Duty Discipline Inspection

In order to do a good job in the maintenance work in March, the discipline inspection office of the Lingfeng Group Company set up a temporary stability inspection team. On March 11 and March 18, respectively, each subsidiary company was on duty, fire control equipment, security personnel were dressed, and the watch list was on the wall. Conduct comprehensive and in-depth inspections.

.Scope of the inspection

Check 8 branch companies, including Chengtou used car, Chengtou wood, Chengtou agriculture deputy, Chengtou machinery, Chengtan iron casting device, Chengtou logistics, Hanglong steel, and Meikang cordyceps market, and realize the inspection of the subsidiary companies of the group company. Full coverage.


The inspection team carried out a comprehensive and systematic inspection of the inspection subsidiary company's implementation of the security requirements by consulting the check account and on-site inquiries. The inspected branch companies are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the head office and the group company, good security measures to maintain stability. From the overall situation, the company's fire equipment equipment, security personnel dress, watch on the wall, emergency plans, bus parking and other better conditions. Strict implementation of the 24-hour shift duty system, all shift duty personnel are on duty.