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Conduct self-correcting work in the disciplinary office
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According to the group company leadership arrangements for deployment, my department and other relevant departments set up a temporary inspection team, April 11-12, 2019, the eight subsidiary companies to carry out on-site inspections of the rectification problem, and the first quarter of the disciplinary inspection work.

It mainly focuses on the situation of party conduct and integrity, the implementation of maintenance work, meeting records, the development of special activities, the handling of letters and visits and reports, and the construction of departments, etc., and conducts on-site inspections. The existing problems are required to be corrected within a time limit. In addition, the first quarter of the company's disciplinary inspection work has been assessed. In response to the problems in the inspection process, re-inspection was carried out on April 18 to 19, 2019. Individual issues that have not been rectified will be followed up and implemented one by one in our room to ensure that the rectification work is carried out and that the quality and quality of the inspection are completed. Preparation work and routine review and assessment work.

Through this inspection, the standardization and institutionalization of discipline inspection work have been further promoted, and the discipline inspection work has been continuously promoted to standardization.