Dongjia Agricultural and Trade Wholesale Market to Carry out Various Comprehensive Inspections before the "Double Festival"
Release Time:2019-06-12 Content Source:领峰实业

According to the conference spirit of the supervision theme held by the municipal government and the documents issued by the city investment corporation and the group, in order to ensure the stability of the Dongjia market order and the consumption safety of the people before the "double festival". Our company immediately held "two days before" the work deployment meeting, and arrange special personnel to carry out pre-safety fire hazards investigation work and price research work.

On the morning of February 19, our company organized people to carry out the work of investigating and rectifying hidden dangers in the market. The focus is on the use of fire extinguishers in merchants in Area 7 of the market, the lack of fire water belts in Area 5, the occupation of fire passages in various areas, and price increases. After checking, there are currently 3 merchants in the area 1 and 7 using fire extinguishers expired, and our market staff has been on-site to supervise the replacement. Area 2, 5 fire water bag missing situation, safety department staff have been replaced in a timely manner. Third, the district fire control channel occupation situation has arranged for the market commissioner to clean up every day. The supply of all kinds of agricultural and sideline products is sufficient during the "pre-festival and post-festival" period of our market, and the price has risen relative to the daily price. However, the increase of various types of agricultural and sideline products has been relatively stable, and the increase rate has been within 10 %. In accordance with the requirements of the food safety management system, our market has arranged special personnel to conduct daily special checks on the products in the market for adulteration, forgery, deterioration, expiration, and inspection of livestock and poultry products. And set up inspection ledgers to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and require operators to do a good job of clearly priced prices and publicity and interpretation.

On the afternoon of February 19, our company organized all the employees to carry out the "market sanitation cleaning" activities after the festival. The focus is on the market in the No. 2, No. 3, West District, vegetable wholesale area, logistics area and other business areas to thoroughly clean up. During the labor process, all the staff carried out the spirit of "not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired" and carried out key cleaning of the dead corner health that was neglected during the weekdays. Although the sweat dripping, but in the event scene everywhere a scene of intense labor scene. After the hard work of all the staff, the environment in the Dongyi market has taken a new look.