Lhasa Chengtou Agricultural and Byproduct Management Co. Ltd.. Organization of March sensitive period maintenance emergency exercise
Release Time:2019-06-12 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to further strengthen the company to maintain the awareness of emergency preparedness, comprehensively improve the ability to fight emergency response. On March 6, 2019, the supervision office of the Leading Peak Group Corporation took the lead. All the company's staff cooperated with the organization to conduct the "Maintenance and Emergency Preparedness Exercise during the Sensitive Period in March." In accordance with our company's "March sensitive maintenance work contingency plan" process, the company's staff quickly arrived at the scene, leading the team to direct the emergency evacuation and emergency response, the entire process is orderly and handled properly.

Subsequently, the group company inspector's office personnel checked our company in March to maintain the stable watch account and monitoring system coverage of the area, etc., and the fruit in the market, dry miscellaneous areas of fire extinguishers and other equipment have been carefully inspected. It is emphasized that market management should be meticulous and preventive work should be done well, especially in dry miscellaneous and department store areas, where the number of inflammable and explosive items is large, the coverage is wide, and the flammable points are low. It is necessary to do a good job in the publicity and education of merchants in key areas and the investigation of hidden dangers during the sensitive period in March. It is necessary to raise the awareness of emergency prevention among company employees and merchants. At the same time, in the weekday work should be actively and regularly carry out corresponding fire evacuation exercise activities.