Lhasa City Investment Agricultural and Byproduct Management Co., Ltd. launched the "4.15 National Safety Education Day" in 2019 to preach education activities
Release Time:2019-06-12 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to enhance the awareness of all cadres and workers in the Dongga Agricultural and Trade Wholesale Market to maintain national security, effectively prevent sudden injuries, ensure the safety of employees, exercise the ability of employees to deal with emergencies, and create a social atmosphere of "national security and everyone has responsibility". On April 15, our company launched the "National Safety Education Day for All" publicity and education activities in the conference room on the third floor. The chairman of the company, Zhangaihua, presided over the presentation and all cadres and staff participated.

The chairman of the company, Zhangaihua, preached to all cadres and staff about the background and practical significance of the establishment of the "National Safety Education Day." The "National Security Education Day" is a festival established to enhance the national security awareness of the whole people and maintain national security. Article 14 of the National Security Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that April 15 of each year is the National Security Education Day for the whole people. Setting up Background: China is under pressure to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests, and to maintain political security and social stability at home. To enact a comprehensive, comprehensive and basic national security law is to meet the needs of the new state of national security. Practical significance: On April 15, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping made clear for the first time at the first meeting of the Central National Security Council the concept of "overall national security", which is the fundamental principle and policy of the CPC in safeguarding national security in the new era.

Through the organization of the "4.15 National Security Education Day Education Campaign" in 2019, all cadres and workers have a profound understanding that "everyone has the responsibility for national security" and that maintaining national security is the basic obligation of every citizen. The Dongga Agricultural and Trade Wholesale Market, as a "vegetable basket" Huimin project of Lhasa Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, should establish a model to improve the national security consciousness of the whole people and take "enhancing the national security responsibility of the whole people and strengthening the social foundation of national security" as a key work.