Tibet Meikang Worm and Grass Trade Co. Ltd. Holds the First "Winter Tour of Tibet" Lhasa City Cordyceps Cordyceps Cultural Festival
Release Time:2018-10-10 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to practice the core values of socialism, we have made great efforts to publicize the theme of "four lectures and four loves". With the attention of the municipal and municipal governments and with the support of the Cordyceps sinensis Association of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet Meikang Pidyceps Trading Co., Ltd. organized the first Lhasa City Cordyceps Cultural Festival in "Winter Tour Tibet" to promote the culture of Cordyceps sinensis, improve the brand awareness of enterprises, establish a corporate image, and create a friendly and mutually supportive social environment.

On October 4th, the first Cordyceps Cultural Festival was opened in Lhasa City at the Lhasa City Cordyceps Trading Center. Nearly 200 Cordyceps sales companies from all over Tibet participated in the event. At the event, Zhuomayangzong, general secretary of the Tibet Cordyceps Association, introduced the knowledge of Cordyceps; The guests visited the enterprises in the Pseudomonas Trading Market.

The holding of this event is a concentrated display of the cultural achievements of Wormwort in my district, and it is also a useful exploration for deepening the development of Wormwort culture in the future. It has promoted the culture of Tibetan cordyceps, deepened the people's understanding of the market for cordyceps, popularized the people's ability to distinguish the authenticity of cordyceps, narrowed the distance between enterprises and the masses, and established an enterprise image.