Lead Peak Intelligent Logistics Park October Work Briefing
Release Time:2018-10-26 Content Source:领峰实业
Safety work
According to the group company document "On Relay & lt; Notice & GT on strengthening the investigation and resolution of potential dangers of petition and petition; "The notice" requires that our company attach great importance to the establishment of a petition and visit work leading group to be fully responsible for the investigation of potential dangers in the park. Especially near the end of the year, additional personnel will be sent to strengthen the "double arrears" in the field of engineering construction to carefully comb out and investigate the problem, do a good job of prevention at the source, and find out the problem in a timely and coordinated manner to ensure that the company's zero petition work goal is achieved.
Human resources work
According to the actual needs of the company's personnel, in the autumn of the recruitment of college students in the city investment company, my company actively communicated and coordinated with the group's party and capital department, reported personnel requirements of a clerk, investment Commissioner 2-3, cashier 1.
III. Economic Performance Analysis
In accordance with the work requirements of the group to convene an economic analysis conference, Our company mainly analyzes the investment returns from the current situation of the company's industry and the advantages and disadvantages of its operations in the industry, the total amount of pre-production and operation investment, the next business direction, the growth point of the business, and the evaluation of the company's business risk. The advantages, disadvantages and risks of the development of the park are clearly seen. In the process of late management, our company will focus on exerting its advantages, making up for or avoiding disadvantages, reasonably controlling risks, and striving to recover costs as soon as possible, so as to achieve win-win economic and social benefits.
IV. Maternal and Child Health Work
In order to assist the Lhasa Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission in carrying out the survey of maternal and child health services in various units in the city, our company has assigned special personnel to follow up on the progress and actively cooperate with the work of the Lhasa Municipal Family Planning Commission.
Progress of the project
The Lingfeng Smart Logistics Park project is mainly divided into two phases for construction, one of which is: a total area of about 754 acres, a total investment of about 2.497 billion yuan, and a total construction area of 483.951 million M2, including warehouses, hotels, office buildings, trading areas, supporting apartments, gatekeepers, and display centers. The first phase was implemented at the end of June 2018. As of now, the completed project volume accounts for about 15 % of the total project volume, and the completed investment accounts for about 16.4 % of the total investment, that is, the completed output value is about 410 million yuan(as of 2018). 14 days); Phase II: The total area is about 410 acres, the total investment of the project is about 897.2 million yuan, and the total construction area is 251246.7 M2. It mainly includes warehouses, China Merchants Center, single-storey warehouses, zero-tower warehouses, and guard rooms. The second phase has entered construction in August 2018. As of now, the completed project volume accounts for about 3.2 % of the total project volume. The completed investment accounts for about 3.9 % of the total investment, which means that the completed output value is about 35 million yuan.
The pre-formalities for the completion of the project include: project approval, project site selection submission, project proposal, project planning license, land planning license, project planning approval, survey delimitation, Geological exploration report, pressure on minerals, energy conservation record, social stability evaluation, research report , approval of initial construction and budget estimates, Geological disaster assessment, forestry assessment, environmental impact assessment, safety evaluation, project proposal, construction plan review, fire design review.