Lhasa City Construction Machinery Trade City Market Patrol
Release Time:2019-01-19 Content Source:领峰实业

According to the requirements of the supervision office of the group company, the leaders of the company attach great importance to improving the security of the people in the construction machinery trading city, promoting the improvement of the public security situation in the market, and enhancing the people's sense of identity and satisfaction with the work of public security prevention and control. December 10, 2018 afternoon, Our company organizes patrols to the inner market of the city of commerce and commerce. This market patrol is mainly aimed at market hygiene inspections, garbage disposal, parking of vehicle booths, whether advertisements are neat, market order, and civilized propaganda. The existence of various irregular phenomena in the market, timely investigation of hidden dangers. At the same time, in order to further enhance the service capabilities of our company's employees, under the leadership of Kongtiangui, deputy general manager of our company, everyone earnestly studied and understood the distribution box location and distribution area of the company, and seriously studied the operation flow of power card charging and delivery points. We will do a good job in the prevention and control of public security in advance.

The picture shows our company employees studying the operation flow of power distribution box

Our company "guard guard patrol members" strictly implement the 24-hour patrol system, stick to their posts, earnestly perform their duties, earnestly inspect the market perimeter, main market, temporary transition market, temporary mechanical parking area, and cooperate with the company's duty officers to do a good job in maintaining stability and preventing and controlling work.

Through this market patrol, we will further enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency, and mission of our employees, and work more actively and carefully to maintain stability and make our own contribution to creating a peaceful and harmonious social environment.