Leading Group organizes Constitutional Learning and Education Training
Release Time:2019-01-19 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to thoroughly study and implement the new and new strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping's new concept of comprehensively governing the country according to law, we will earnestly implement the major decisions of the central and district committees on the implementation of the Constitution's learning and propaganda work. To further enhance the professional mission, sense of responsibility, and sense of honor of cadres and workers, at 3:30 PM on December 11, the Leading Group organized all employees and employees of its subsidiaries to invite Yuanpuyu, our legal advisor, to take this constitutional amendment as the theme. From the role of the Constitution, why to amend the Constitution, the principle of amending the Constitution, the content of this constitutional amendment, and the important role of the constitutional amendment, this article tells employees a wonderful party lesson and law lesson.

After the end of the study, employees stated that they had always believed that the constitution was far away from themselves. Through this thematic study, they knew that the constitution was closely related to their work and life, and it was also closely related to the development of the company. At the same time, through the special study of constitutional knowledge, we will guide cadres and employees throughout the bank to further promote the constitutional spirit, strengthen the concept of the rule of law, and comprehensively improve the use of the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to solve corporate problems.