Tibet Huifang Timber Management Co. Ltd. carried out special maintenance work in an orderly manner
Release Time:2019-03-19 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to effectively ensure the normal development of all safety work in the market during the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, we ensure that the market has no potential security risks. We will ensure that all maintenance and stability work is carried out in a concrete manner.

On March 05, 2019, he actively carried out special maintenance work for group defense and visits to businesses and households of all ethnic groups. General Manager Weienbo served as the head of the special stability inspection working group, and deputy general manager Cirenluobu was the deputy leader. At the same time, some police officers from the police station in the second district of the industrial park in Dazi District jointly conducted special inspections. The special work mainly includes: 1. Check out the residents and temporary residence permits in the four provinces in the market living area. 2. Check the market processing area for improper production operations. 3. Check all potential fire hazards in the market. 4. Visit the street residents of all ethnic groups. The special working hours are one every day in the morning and one in the evening, and a one-month special work is carried out.

After investigation, 1. There are two households in the Tibetan areas in the four provinces of the timber market living area. The residence permit has also been registered with the police station of Daze District. 2. There are no improper production operations for merchants in market processing areas, but they must clean up production waste in a timely manner. It also explicitly prohibits its waste dumping in processing factories and fire channels.

After the completion of the special inspection work, Weienbo, the head of the special inspection work, pointed out that this special work is also an important indicator for the development of daily maintenance work in the market and the construction of a peaceful and harmonious enterprise market.