Fire Safety Awareness Training
Release Time:2019-06-06 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to comprehensively do a good job in the fire safety awareness of all employees during the 2019 publicity month, prevent fires and reduce fire hazards, protect the safety of all personnel, public property and property in office buildings, and ensure normal office order in office buildings. At 10:30 on April 28, 2019, the group organized a training seminar on fire safety knowledge in public conference rooms. It was explained by Litao, the supervisor of Lingfeng Group. A total of more than 20 employees from various departments and subsidiaries of the Group participated in this knowledge seminar.

This lecture is based on the fire cases in recent years, the daily management of fire control, the general knowledge of routine inspection and evacuation escape, the emergency and prevention of fire fighting, and the correct use of fire fighting equipment. The lecture also combines the fire safety hazards that are exposed to in work and life, reminding everyone to pay attention to the fire hazards that are ignored on weekdays, such as the maximum power of the plug board used in the office, paving and other places, and the phone while charging. Wait. Therefore, in daily life and work, it must be done that "people go, lights go out, and power stops", and do not lose because of small losses, causing irreparable losses.

Through this training, all employees have a deeper sense of prevention of fire safety: the office building belongs to a densely populated unit in public places and is also a key unit for fire safety prevention. In daily work and life, due to human unsafe factors and the unsafe state of things, there will often be early fire insurance. For example, people around fire insurance can master the early fire risk rescue method and can eliminate hidden dangers in the embryonic state. In order to ensure the personal safety of personnel and the safety of property, all personnel must participate in the management of fire protection work. Through training in basic knowledge of fire protection, evacuation drills, and fire fighting drills, personnel are guaranteed to have more safety in accidents.