Lectures on the Promotion of the Rule of Law
Release Time:2019-06-06 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to comprehensively do a good job during the 2019 comprehensive treatment propaganda month, all employees 'legal consciousness and legal knowledge are improved. At 10:30 on April 28, 2019, the group organized a seminar on the promotion of the rule of law in the public conference room. It was explained by Hanfeifei, Secretary of the Lianfeng Group. A total of more than 20 employees from various departments and subsidiaries of the Group participated in the lecture.

The lectures are explained in terms of the meaning, role, content and significance of the latest revision of the Constitution. For example, the people of all ethnic groups, all state organs and armed forces, all political parties and public organizations, and all enterprises and institutions throughout the country must take the Constitution as the fundamental criterion for their activities and have the duty to safeguard the dignity of the Constitution and ensure its implementation. Therefore, the rule of law must first strictly abide by and implement the Constitution, establish and safeguard the authority of the Constitution, ensure the implementation of the Constitution, and ensure the rule of law in accordance with the Constitution.

Through this training, the majority of employees realized that respect for the Constitution, implementation of the Constitution, and maintenance of the Constitution are essentially respect for democracy, maintenance of democracy, and implementation of democracy. The activities of the National Constitution Day will foster the sense of citizenship of the broad masses of the people and the awareness of the rule of law among public officials, and will help to consolidate the ruling party's ruling position and create a good atmosphere for building political civilization.

Upholding the dignity and authority of the Constitution is a prerequisite for safeguarding the unity, dignity and authority of the country's legal system. It is also an important guarantee for safeguarding the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people and ensuring lasting peace and security in the country. Therefore, the corporate group should be richer and more comprehensive in terms of legal propaganda in the future.