Second Car Market Security Maintenance"Anti-terrorism, Riot Control, Fire Drill"
Release Time:2019-06-06 Content Source:领峰实业

At 17:30 PM on March 2, 2019, Huojihui, the head of the second-hand car trading market in Lhasa City, presided over the annual "Anti-terrorism, Anti-riot, and Fire Prevention" exercise for the second-hand car market. Lhasa City investment used car trading Co., Ltd. personnel party office Liupan, second-hand car trading market comprehensive office, second-hand car market all personnel to participate in this exercise.

During the period, Huojihui, the head of the second-hand car trading market, emphasized the importance and necessity of the annual "anti-terrorism, riot control, and fire prevention" exercise. Then, the specifications, components, operation steps and key points of all kinds of fire extinguishers are explained in detail. It is further clarified that the second-hand car trading market is a densely populated area, and it is a key anti-terrorism, riot control, and fire prevention unit. It is necessary to carry out riot control and fire drills for the daily work of the second-hand car market. Subsequently, all employees in the second-hand car market conducted field simulation fire extinguishing drills one by one. In addition, second-hand car employees simulated how to deal with altercations and physical conflicts with market merchants and citizens, and simulated how to deal with various emergencies and group events.

Finally, Huojihui, head of the handcar trading market, put forward three requirements for this drill: First, this drill has generally reached expectations, but there are still many problems; The second is the "anti-terrorism, riot control, and fire prevention" drill exercise once a week; Third, departments should summarize the shortcomings in the exercise process and lay a solid foundation for dealing with all kinds of real emergencies; Fourth, the sensitive month period of strict duty requirements, adhere to the short message, telephone security system.