Tmall international, to meet consumer needs
Release Time:2019-07-17 Content Source:网络

Now more and more consumers like to buy imported products, which enables consumers to have multiple choices of imported products and reliable platform to be welcomed by consumers.

Tmall international, as the leader of cross-border e-commerce industry in China, meets the needs of consumers. Tmall international fully understands the advantages of big data and other technologies, communicates with consumers in a timely manner, grasps consumers' thoughts and all demands, upgrades products in a timely manner, constantly changes marketing methods according to consumers' needs, and always puts consumers' thoughts first. This is one of the reasons why Tmall international is welcomed and trusted by consumers and major brands.

Tmall international has maintained the record of market share first in the industry for 4 consecutive years, and has created new achievements in this year's Tmall international 618 year promotion activities.

In Tmall international 618 this year, the number of brands participating in the activity has already doubled that of last year, and the turnover of this year has soared. In addition to the surge in sales of domestic brands, there was also a surge in sales of imported brands. Tmall international used big data technology this year to make accurate recommendations for products, which not only reduced the time cost of consumers, but also improved their shopping experience.

For today's young consumers, it doesn't matter how many products they buy, what matters most is time. That platform can reduce the time they spend on meaningless things, which is to help them prolong their life, and of course it will become the platform of choice.

This year Tmall international 618 activities of the major brands of turnover burst, the opening only 1 hour, turnover has exceeded last year's 14 hours of turnover, shopaholic people still live up to expectations, half a day there are more than 10 million shopaholic buy buy buy.

Turnover in the first hour of the sprint period was up nearly 200% year on year. In addition, the number of brands participating in Tmall 618 promotion this year doubled year on year, and the number of overseas brands participating in 618 for the first time was even more sold out. The highest number of 618 on the day exceeded 100 times of daily sales! Tmall international has become the home of global brand sales growth!

This year, "minority countries" from northern Europe, southeast Asia and the americas became new powers abroad. With the rise of national brands, 618 this year ushered in a big outbreak, the year-on-year growth rate of transaction is far faster than the traditional export powers. Austria, Russia and Vietnam led the way with year-on-year transaction growth of 10324%, 8958% and 1047% respectively, while Argentina, Greece, Philippines, Finland, Cuba, Cambodia and Turkey ranked 4 to 10 respectively.

Among them, "national hot style" sold out fiercely. Isdin, a popular Spanish sunscreen brand, sold out 35,000 pieces of anti-aging sunscreen in 10 minutes. Japanese brand shino doctor 10 minutes over last year 618 first day sales; Italian cosmetics brand KIKO star single product 4 series of small black tube lipstick, sell 30 percent to hand over 10,000 pieces; Spanish brand martiderm star brand beauty essence sold nearly 100,000 pieces in the first hour.

Tmall international not only provides overseas brands for Chinese consumers, but also provides quality products. Therefore, Tmall international USES a set of core tools and methodology to achieve the selection of the best brands, good brands will stand out and unqualified brands will be automatically screened out. With such a commendable sales, Tmall international, think what users want, do what users want. Tmall international, to meet consumer needs.