Amazon launches FC Ready to launch an Uber delivery model
Release Time:2019-07-17 Content Source:领峰实业

July 1, according to foreign media, amazon hopes to further increase the distribution capacity through new projects. Fulfillment Center Ready, or FC Ready, is the Uber kind of program that seeks to bring about Fulfillment Center Ready by shifting its internal shifts to fulfill delivery and processing requirements.

Amazon's new and salaried employees will be able to participate in the project, and in the coming weeks, the company will select infrastructure for the project, including amazon's 855,000-square-foot staten island distribution center. An employee can choose between a day shift and a night shift through a portal that gives an alternative number of shifts and counts the cumulative number of hours the employee has worked. For specific tasks, such as picking, packing, order delivery, etc., employees must complete the designated safety training and skill training in advance.