Amazon has launched its Amazon Business Prime service in the UK
Release Time:2019-07-17 Content Source:领峰实业

Amazon has announced the launch of its Amazon Business Prime service in the UK, foreign media reported recently. Amazon has already launched the service in the us, Germany and Japan.

The new service will provide UK businesses with discounted logistics and services such as free delivery, one-day delivery and timed delivery. In addition, with the help of Amazon Business Prime, British enterprises can use data visualization of expenditure analysis to help members make budget decisions. ,

In addition, UK companies can enjoy extra membership when ordering Amazon products online. Amazon Business Prime costs £80 per year including VAT and can support up to three users.

Dave Brittain, chief executive of Amazon Business UK, said the goal of Amazon Business Prime was to help companies become more transparent about their procurement processes and ultimately reduce the overall cost of their purchases.

It is learned that Amazon Business was launched in the United States in April 2015. One year after its launch, it has accumulated more than 400,000 enterprise and institutional customers, and the online transaction volume is as high as $1 billion. Amazon launched the service in the UK in 2017. It is reported that Amazon Business mainly serves enterprise users. Unlike Amazon's past B2C Business, Amazon Business focuses more on B2B Business.