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Release Time:2019-08-29 Content Source:领峰实业

"Huishibao" is an integrated professional trading platform based on the actual situation of Dongga farmers market and the needs of merchants. In July, it reached a cooperation with China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Lhasa Chongji Road Branch to start pilot use of "Huishibao".  "Huishibao" is an intelligent, safe, convenient and open comprehensive service platform for professional settlement, which provides market merchants with services such as unified collection, automatic account distribution, individual reconciliation, statistical analysis, convenient financing, etc., and meets the fund management needs of offline entities, online to offline and other professional markets.  So far, 205 merchants in Dongga Farmers Market have signed an agreement with Huishibao trading platform and successfully settled in.  "Huishibao" platform has entered some merchant information for testing.  After the test is completed, the "Huishibao" platform will input all the information of the settled merchants into the platform to generate a transaction payment two-dimensional code and an operating system. Dongga Farmers Market will fully implement the platform in the market.

Through the use of the "Huishibao" integrated professional trading platform, all parties in the market can be satisfied with personalized account distribution, the "online+offline" commercial payment mode can be implemented to expand trading channels, innovate market transactions, help realize unified promotion and drainage of customers, fully understand market development trends, and accurately grasp merchant trading data. At the same time, our market can use the settlement function of the "Huishibao" trading platform to increase the company's capital flow and provide reliable basis for the company's later financing loans.