Lhasa Motor Vehicle Driver Examination Center's Kemu 3 Electronic Examination Officially Put into Operation
Release Time:2019-08-29 Content Source:领峰实业

On August 12, 2019, Lhasa Motor Vehicle Driver Examination Center's Kemu 3 Electronic Examination was officially put into use.  As of August 20, 2019, 190 people had taken part in the electronic examination of the third department of science and technology, of whom 73 passed and 117 failed, with a passing rate of 38.4%.

Compared with the previous manual examination, the electronic examination passed the software management. First, the examination vehicles were randomly allocated to avoid the factors of manual allocation and further standardize the examination procedures.  The second is to supervise the examination function remotely, avoid manual judgment, and strictly enforce the examination judgment standard.  The third is the electronic signature of examinees, which truly realizes the electronic management of archives "who tests, who signs and who is responsible";  Fourth, the system automatically records and displays the information of the safety supervisor, thus improving the supervision of the safety supervisor, etc.

The upgrade of the third electronic examination in Lhasa Motor Vehicle Driver Examination Center has further reduced the risk of clean and honest examination, simplified the examination process and improved the work efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the construction of a comprehensive management system for the socialized examination room for motor vehicle drivers in Lhasa.

Figure 1: Candidates Participating in Subject 3

Figure 2: Randomly Assigned Examination Vehicles