Lhasa City Iron Investment Market Co., Ltd. Launches Special Study Activities on Anti-corruption Laws and Regulations
Release Time:2019-08-29 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to further promote the further development of the party's work style and clean government education activities, in accordance with the overall deployment requirements of the discipline inspection work of Lhasa city investment iron market co., ltd.  On the afternoon of August 23, the party organization of the company carried out a special learning activity on anti-corruption laws and regulations. Party members, probationary party members, party activists and employees of the company took part in the learning activity. The activity was presided over by Party group leader Comrade Bian Bazaxi.

The learning activities mainly studied the relevant contents of the "Regulations on Discipline of the Communist Party of China". The new "Regulations on Discipline of the Communist Party of China" will be formally implemented on October 1, 2018, with a total of 142 articles in three chapters and 11 chapters. The new "Regulations on Discipline of the Communist Party of China" has added some new contents to the sixth chapter, "Punishment of Acts Violating Political Discipline", requiring Party members and cadres to be loyal to the Party in all aspects of speech, behavior and thought, keeping in line with the Party, including acts violating this requirement into the disciplinary regulations, and requiring all Party members and cadres to strictly abide by the regulations.  The learning activities not only learned the relevant provisions of the regulations, but also analyzed the actual cases in Tibet Autonomous Region. All cadres and workers have deepened their understanding of the regulations and played a role of warning and education.

Comrade Bianbazasi stressed that Party members and cadres should be strict with themselves, be honest in their work, be clean in their work, be clean in their work, be diligent and honest in their work, be loyal to the Party to the enterprise all the time, be politically wise, economically innocent, and be decent in their work style. They should be disciplined, know how to fear, understand rules, observe the bottom line, do not touch red lines and high-voltage lines, continuously strengthen and consolidate the environment for the development of clean air and work, and promote the healthy development of the iron market.

This special study on anti-corruption laws and regulations has further raised the awareness of honesty and self-discipline of the majority of Party members and cadres, and has played a positive role in creating a clean and healthy environment and promoting the company to complete its business indicators and develop healthily.