Tibet Lingfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. market Management Department to carry out exchanges with various professional markets
Release Time:2019-10-21 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to understand the market work more comprehensively, at 15:00 on Thursday, October 17, 2019, the Marketing Management Department of Tibet Lianfeng Industrial Group presided over the third market exchange meeting in the Party Building Conference Room of the Group Company. The meeting was attended by Yang long of the iron market, Tang Jiuzhou of Huifeng Timber Market, Zhang Shidong of Construction Machinery, Dongga Agricultural Deputy Market, Urban Investment Logistics Awangziren, Hanglong Iron and Steel Yuzhen, and so on.

At this exchange meeting, (1) Yang long, the marketing department of urban iron investment, described the problem of difficult rent collection in the market at present. Because the market was in a rent-free period in the first four years of the market, commercial tenants have been in a state of resistance and uncooperation because of their perennial preferential policies, which are used to low rents. For this situation, the market has adopted some of the stinging merchants (30 households) through the relevant legal means to sue. (2) Huifeng Timber Tang Kyushu said that the main work of the market is the development of rent calls in the second half of the year, and the next work has been carried out for 33 merchants who had to sell their households before. Some of the stinging merchants have been sorted out and planned to start prosecution at the end of this month. (3) the agricultural deputy marketing department has added that the main work of the market is the adjustment of rent and pavement adjustment in the whole region. The upgrading of shop files in area 1-8, and the establishment of four working groups for this kind of situation have been basically completed and the corresponding work of attracting investment and storing customers is under way. The next step will focus on the relocation of office buildings and all housing in District 3 of District 2, which is scheduled to be completed on the 25th of this month. Vegetable Wholesale area 1 and 2 shop upgrade and rent adjustment. (4) Zhang Shitong, the construction machinery market, tells the story that the main work in the market is still the call for rent. The Marketing Department is recently preparing for the opening ceremony next month. (5) City Investment Logistics Awangziren says he has now charged 80% to 90% of the rent in the third quarter. Recently, some merchants reflect the phenomenon of theft in the accommodation area of the market. The organizing personnel of the marketing department regularly check the fire safety in the storage area, accommodation area, aluminum alloy market and other areas every week. The marketing department regularly organizes 4 to 5 people to go out to carry out the work of attracting investment. This month the market opened a freight trunk line (Lhasa-Naqu). There is currently a container truck for freight transport.

Through this meeting, the heads of the market actively communicate with each other, and I have a better understanding of the current work situation of the various professional markets of the Group and the effective solution to the problems in each market, A similar exchange will continue to be held in the future to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of the work of the various markets.