Tibet Lingfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. carries out major inspection of production safety in winter
Release Time:2019-11-29 Content Source:领峰实业

In order to carefully implement the guidance of the leading group on the meeting of safety production and fire control in winter, the safety production should be well done during the beginning of the year, and all kinds of production safety accidents can be effectively prevented and contained. To ensure the safe and orderly operation of the production activities of the professional market under the jurisdiction of the Group. In accordance with the requirements of the Group's Safety Production and Deployment Meeting, on November 28,2019, the Group organized the Market Management Department and relevant staff to carry out the special work on the safe production of winter safety in various professional markets.

The special inspection focuses on the use status and management of fire-fighting equipment in various professional markets, the smooth operation of fire-fighting channels, the safety of heating and electricity utilization, and the management of flammable and explosive materials. During the inspection, the inspection team heard a report on the implementation of the safety production by the major heads of the professional market, and carefully reviewed the relevant data such as documents and accounts.

The inspection team checked the safety equipment and electrical equipment of the merchants, and ordered the shops where there were hidden dangers to correct and reform within a time limit; registered and made registers for some merchants who used gas tanks, set up special personnel management, regularly inspected, and collected gas tanks with hidden dangers to ensure that the dangerous sources were always in a controlled state. In addition, each professional market has further established and improved the relevant production safety system and emergency plan, and organized all staff and merchants to carry out fire fighting exercises.

Through this safety production inspection, the safety awareness and emergency treatment capacity of all the professional market employees and the merchants are effectively enhanced, and the smooth implementation of the safe production of the Group and the smooth implementation of the annual safety production target are ensured at the same time.