Lhasa City Investment Automobile Industry Development Co., Ltd
Release Time:2020-01-14 Content Source:威廉希尔公司注册汽车

  Lhasa city investment auto industry development co., ltd. adhering to the integrity of the business, sincere service for the business philosophy has won the unanimous praise of the merchants, which provides a good basis for the later work. From January 6 to 10,2020, CITIC launched its first-quarter rent collection and contract renewal work for second-hand car market merchants, and signed 63 contracts in just two days, of which 8 were fixed-park office rentals of 14,850 yuan and 55 contracts of 234,500 yuan for fixed-parking space merchants, with good results.

  In the process of rent collection and contract renewal, merchants showed a stronger concept of cooperation and actively cooperated with the work of the company. CITIC will continue to adhere to a good work style, better serve the market merchants, meet the needs of market merchants, establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship and achieve the concept of common development.