Good service warms the heart Building a Long Road for Enterprises
Release Time:2020-01-19 Content Source:领峰实业

  From mid-December 2019 to January 2020, the merchants of Lhasa City Investment Construction Machinery Market presented 11 banners to Lhasa City Investment Construction Machinery Market Co., Ltd., and sincerely thanked the company for solving the difficult problems, doing practical things and finding a way out for the market merchants in 2019.

  As the market manager of construction machinery, lhasa city investment construction machinery market co., ltd. has been devoted to perfecting the market service system, solving all kinds of difficult problems raised by merchants, perfecting the market management system, formulating a unified business investment policy, beautifying the market environment and filling the market industry chain. Planning the second-hand machinery maintenance and machinery parking area, second-hand machinery and in-use machinery parking lot, new machine display area, new machine parking lot, the introduction of large machinery maintenance manufacturers 22, spare parts sales manufacturers 18, successfully created a mechanical sales, leasing, maintenance, accessories, living services as one of the market environment. Up to the end of 2019, the market has rented 347 shops, the occupancy rate of 73.52%, the construction machinery industry chain is basically constituted, the market prospects are good.

  Jinqi represents the businessmen's affirmation of the work of Lhasa City Investment Construction Machinery Market Co., Ltd., and in the future, we will be firmly determined to face up to the difficulties and continue to shine and heat the construction machinery industry in Lhasa and make great achievements. We will strive for a bumper harvest of both economic and social benefits, write a new page towards a higher goal, and make new contributions to building a new Lhasa with unity, beauty, health and happiness.