Deep processing of cordyceps is an inevitable trend of social development
Release Time:2018-11-28 Content Source:中国虫草交易网

The popular saying is that rare and precious are the characteristics of Cordyceps sinensis, cherishing each caterpillar and giving play to its greater medicinal effects, which is the reason why the Cordyceps industry has been transformed and upgraded. "At the newly concluded first session of the Zhongguo•qinghai International Cordyceps and Tibetan *** Pharmaceutical Exhibition, the Winter Cordyceps Association of Qinghai Province allowed Dorje to say.

For a long time, most people have taken Cordyceps sinensis through raw grass grinding, soup and other methods. It not only takes time and effort, but also causes problems such as difficult to absorb due to different human functions. "With the increasing number of high-end consumer groups, breaking the traditional production model has become a must for the current and future development of Cordyceps sinensis products. "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Pest and Grass Association Chairman Ge Jin-Russian Bao Cairen said.

It is reported that more and more worm-grass enterprises in the sale of raw grass on the basis of deep processing products, popular with consumers. "Although the proportion of deep processing products of Cordyceps sinensis is relatively small, there is a huge market demand. " said Zaxi Caiji.

Experts said that the development of biotechnology requires the support of funds and research and development forces. At present, there are many cases of "individual combat", "small, scattered, and chaotic" in the winter caterpillar fungus market in Qinghai, and with the continuous promotion of industrial upgrading. The Cordyceps market may face a "turning point integration." "