Three Formals of the Development and Development of Chinese Wormweed
Release Time:2018-11-28 Content Source:中国虫草交易网

Li Yu(Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering):

The World Wormweed Forum has been held continuously for many years and has developed into a professional and scientific academic discussion platform for the Wormweed industry. Through the World Wormwort Forum, the previously unknown Wormwort industry is like a flat land thunder, is undergoing earth-shaking changes, and its unique value has been pushed to the forefront of *** academic and pharmaceutical circles. The experts and delegates present at the conference should carry forward the spirit of using middle school as a body and Western studies, promote the research of cordyceps to be truly revealed to the world with a new scientific attitude, and deeply explore the relationship between the science of cordyceps and human microorganisms. In turn, it has developed science and technology content of cordyceps drugs, health foods, and opened up a new era of cordyceps.

I have put forward the "one district, one library and five libraries" construction plan for fungal conservation, and advocated the establishment of a nature conservation area in the origin of fungi, and the establishment of a herbarium or exhibition hall outside the area. At the same time, a bacterial library, a bacterial library, a genetic material library, an effective branch library, and a comprehensive information base are established to ensure the growth environment of fungi and the quality of bacterial species. Cordyceps fungi should also be the same, thus ensuring the efficient development of Cordyceps and the sustainable development of artificial cultivation.

Zhaotonggang(executive vice president of the China Health Supervision Association):

The World Cordyceps Forum brought together Cordyceps experts from more than 20 countries to conduct special research on Cordyceps related issues and played an important role in promoting the development and application of Cordyceps chinensis, the economic development of Cordyceps chinensis, and the healthy health of Cordyceps chinensis. Chinese development of cordyceps is generally used as a Chinese *** drug. Considering the unsustainable nature of its resources, it has not been approved for use in broader areas such as food. However, with the development of science and technology, cordyceps can already be artificially cultivated, especially in the cordyceps museum, we can see more than 40 kinds of breeding of cordyceps samples. This not only solves the problem of resource sustainability, but also lays a solid foundation for large-scale breeding in the later period.

The development of an item depends first on its sustainability. In the implementation of artificial cultivation of cordyceps, it means that it has more possibilities in the fields of food, health food, medicine and other fields. At present, it is necessary to strengthen the safety evaluation work of cordyceps products, so that regulators, producers, consumers, etc. get a consensus in the food safety evaluation, so that the use of cordyceps resources will have a greater market and will receive greater recognition.

Yangguanxing(Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce):

Over the years, the World Cordyceps Forum has gradually developed into an important academic exchange platform for the Chinese and foreign caterpillar industry due to its large scale, high authority, and strong professionalism. The conference left Pinghu, a permanent venue, and for the first time chose to be held in Shenyang, a national forest city. It fully shows that the conference has given priority attention to the research and industry of cordyceps in Shenyang.

In the face of the current global distribution of the health industry, China has formulated the Outline of the "Healthy China 2030" Plan. From the original solution to the problem of medical treatment, it has now begun to change to a healthy direction. This is an opportunity for the country to give the caterpillar and grass industry. The forum, held in Shenyang, not only made outstanding contributions to the research and industrialization of the worm-grass industry in the world, but also provided learning opportunities for the development of microbiology disciplines and the development of the worm-grass health industry in Liaoning province.

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